Aerial Cremation Scattering Service

Losing someone dear to you is one of the hardest things a human being can face in their lifetime. Finding closure after such a loss is a personal and intimate experience, unique for everyone. Angels Aloft provides a dignified scattering of your loved ones cremated remains from the air and returning them to earth, bringing peace and closure with a moment of dignity and beauty. It is a serene and peaceful event that is as natural as life itself.

Located in Kilgore, Texas (with the plane based at the Gladewater Airport), Angels Aloft offers aerial scattering of cremated remains for those who are searching for a unique alternative to traditional burial as a memorial to loved ones. We understand that dignity and closure are most important when providing the final journey for your loved one. Although many people make their wishes known about cremation, the issue of what to do with the cremated remains is often unclear. Our aerial scattering serves as a peaceful conclusion when saying goodbye.

Traditions change and safeguarding an urn with ashes from generation to generation does not carry the same value as it did at one time. Aerial scattering is an elegant and dignified alternative for taking care of ashes that have been held onto for years or generations. A time comes when we must release our burden and the ashes of a loved one to the wind, gracefully floating down and returning to the earth from which they came, creating a cycle that once again gives life.

Cardinal08Whether you select our Basic Service or our Custom Service, we strive to carry out your wishes in a way that honors the life of your loved one. At the conclusion of each memorial flight, we present the family with an attractive personalized certificate which documents the date and the exact location of the scattering.
Please feel free to contact us personally for a private consultation or to answer any questions you might have concerning aerial scattering. We are here to serve you and your family.

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