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Can cremated remains be scattered anywhere?
Almost anywhere. But there are certain regulations regarding the scattering of cremated remains. Over private property, we must have written permission from either the property owner or the governing agency in charge of the land where the scattering is to occur. We have a selection of pre-approved sites from which to select for our Basic Scattering Service and, with our Custom Scattering Service, we will work closely with you to obtain the proper permission for a site of your own request.

Can I ride along in the airplane?
Unfortunately, no. First of all, our insurance prohibits accompanied scatterings. Also, regulations allow for only required crew members to be present in the airplane during flight operations. What most people prefer is to gather in a location so they can witness the scattering from the ground. This is available with our Custom Scattering Service. Give us a call to discuss the various options available. Our minimum rate is for any location within a 100 mile radius of the Gladewater Airport (Gladewater, Texas), but we can travel to almost any location in the United States to accommodate your wishes. Please contact us for a specific quote.

Can I schedule a time to view the release from the ground?
Yes, this is available with our Custom Scattering Service which is based on location, date, and time.

How will I know the scattering has occurred?
You will be mailed a certificate that confirms the date, time, and exact location. At your request, we can also call or email you to confirm the scattering.

How will you receive the cremated remains?
Your funeral director will deliver the cremated remains to us. If you are in the possession of the cremated remains, you may personally deliver them in authorized packaging to us or send it via U.S. Post Office Registered Mail. FedEx and UPS will not accept cremated remains. We do offer a complimentary pickup of cremated remains if you live in Gregg, Upshur, Smith and Rusk Counties in East Texas.

Is aerial scattering of ashes safe for the environment?
Yes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that aerial scattering of ashes has no significant impact on the environment.

How can I be assured the ashes will actually be released?
We will contact you by phone (if desired) prior to and following the release. Additionally, a certificate documenting the date, time and location of the release will be mailed to you for your records. Ashes are generally released within 30 days of receipt.

Do you scatter more than one person’s ashes on a flight?
No. We treat each scattering as a solemn, personal event and only one person’s remains are scattered per flight. The only exception would be if a multiple dispersal was specifically requested by the family members.

Do you videotape or photograph a scattering?
No. Our flight crew will be occupied with the safe and respectful scattering of your loved one’s ashes.

Why Have a Memorial Service by Air?
We believe that scattering one’s ashes by air expresses and represents one’s final flight on Planet Earth. The knowledge that one’s ashes are forever blowing in the wind is a calming feeling. But, ultimately, the decision to do so is yours. If you have any reservations about aerial scattering, we suggest that you consult your clergy or even friends or family during these difficult and emotional times. Just keep in mind that this is a very “final” experience and in no way do we make light of it. We have all lost very dear family members and friends and we are quite serious about your wishes.

Can we have something read for the scattering?
Certainly. We will honor whatever it is that you want said or read during the memorial scattering to the letter and word for word. We respect your wishes with total sincerity.

Is there some sort of guarantee?
We are on our honor to do the scattering service in a dignified and professional manner for you. This is something we take quite seriously.

How do you scatter the ashes from your plane?
We fly to the pre-designated location using a Global Positioning System (GPS) onboard the aircraft. What most people do not understand is that you cannot simply open an aircraft window and disperse cremated remains without them blowing back into the plane. For this purpose, we designed our own unique scattering system that fits into the belly of the aircraft and the pilot releases the cremated remains at the appropriate time.

Can we have flower petals scattered after the cremated remains are released?
Yes, we will definitely do this for you at the same time of the memorial ash scattering.

Do you scatter Animal/Pet cremated remains as well?
Yes, we certainly do. We treat the scattering of pet cremated remains with the same dignity and grace as human scatterings. See Paws Aloft.

At what altitude do you dispense the ashes?
FAA regulations require that the pilot remain a minimum of 500 feet above obstacles, a minimum of 1,000 feet in heavier populated area, and at least 2,000 feet above National Forests.

What does aerial ash scattering cost?
We have two types of aerial scattering services. With our Basic Aerial Scattering Service, we let you select from one of several pre-approved sites in East Texas and we typically scatter the cremated remains within 30 days of receiving them and mail you a personalized certificate stating the exact date, time, location and altitude of the scattering. With our Custom Aerial Scattering Service, we coordinate a time and place of your choice and arrange for you to witness the event from the ground if at all possible. Our rates are based on locations that are within a 100 mile radius of Gladewater, Texas (Gladewater Airport, 07F). There is an additional charge for distances beyond a 100 mile radius. However, we can travel just about anywhere in the continental United States. Call us for a personal consultation so we can discuss your preferences and requests.